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Current Students

General Questions and Procedures

Please use the following links if you have questions on:

How to schedule a Meeting with me

How to get my signature




How to register for Individual Study Credits - ECE 6193

Internship Credits

How to apply to graduate

You MS Final Report


Getting Involved in a Project

If you are an MS student and you are currently looking for your MS final project, please take a look at the projects listed in the "Projects" page. If you are interested in any of these topics and you have the right background/skills to be able to contribute to the team, please schedule a meeting with me to discuss what your involvement in the project could be. You can also suggest a new project you are interested in pursuing.

While you will be working on the project you will be able to sign up for Individual Study credits (ECE 6193) for a maximum of 5 credits total. Typically students are allowed to sign up for 2 credits in the first Semester they join a project and for additional 3 credits in the following Semester. Individual Study credits have to be agreed on with the instructor who will supervise the work. Please check the "Individual Study Credits - ECE 6193" page to see how to register for those credits.