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Graduate Students are responsible for adding and dropping courses on time on their own. Please make sure to check the Deadlines every semester to make sure you add/drop classes in a timely way not to occur in extra fees. Professors do not have the ability to add/drop courses for students as Undergraduate Advisors do, so please do not email me asking to add/drop a class for you because I can't.

List Of Courses

To select your courses, please check:

*NOTE: "x" means offered; "xe" means offered in even years; "xo" means offered in odd years. So if a course has an "xo" in the "Sp" column, it means that it will be offered in Spring 2015, 2017, 2019 and so on.

If you want to learn more about a course, make sure to check the standard syllabi posted in the ECE Website

Permission to Enter/Audit a Course

You need permission to enter a course if:

  • you don't meet the prerequisites or if the class is a special course that requires permission (like ECE 6193). In this case you only need the Instructor's permission to enroll in the class;
  • you want to add a course after the first Friday of the semester. In this case you need both the Instructor and Advisor's permission.

In both cases you can either:

  1. use a "Course Enrollment Form", get the appropriate signature(s), and either
  2. Get approval from the Instructor (and advisor if applicable) via email and forward the email to the Graduate School at


If you want to add a course after the fourth Friday you need to petition at and the enrollment is not guaranteed. 

You ALWAYS need the instructor's permission to enroll in ECE 6193. If you need to enroll in ECE 6193, please follow these instructions.

If you want to Audit a course, you only need the instructor's permission to do so (not the advisor's). Please use procedure 1. to audit a course.



Full-Time Student Status

Make sure to maintain the full-time student status if you are required to do so. For instance:

  • GRA, GTA appointees: 8 hours minimum (4 in the Summer)
  • Fellow appointees: 12 hours minimum (6 in the Summer)
  • International Students: 8 hours minimum (no requirements for the Summer)
    • Includes any required English courses;
    • Students can apply for "Reduced Course Load - Final Term" to reduce their course load to up to 3 credits in the semester of graduation

Watch for Law of Unintended Consequences: when adding/dropping courses, timing is important (mind the deadlines).


You can find out the amount of your tuition in the Registrar website 

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-> All other Students
-> Graduate (Engineering and Architecture)
Autumn Term 2017 - Spring Term 2018
Student Tuition and Fee Schedule Fees Per Semester