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Final Semester - Graduation

If I am your faculty advisor, please follow these guidelines in your final semester:

Project Path (Non-Thesis)

  1. Apply to graduate at no later than the 3rd Friday of the semester of graduation. I strongly encourage you to apply by the 2nd Friday to allow for possible changes/approvals. You will have to choose two committee members (you can choose more if your project was done in collaboration with multiple faculty), one is your faculty advisor (me), and the other one can be any OSU Professor that works in your research area or is familiar with your work. Please contact him/her before adding them as a committee member. (please refer to the Graduate School website for specific instructions).

  2. Email me your MS Final Report and the Statement of Intent two weeks before "Examinations and Report completed by" deadline (See below how to check deadlines) as your final report will have to be approved by all committee members by that day. Once I receive your report, I will review it and I will send you my feedback within a week:
    • If the report is good, I will approve your final exam and ask you to send the report to your other committee member(s) via email. They will have to approve your report as well for you to be done;
    • If the report requires some extra work, you will have to revise it based on my feedback and submit it again via email.
      • If your second version of the report is acceptable, I will approve your final exam and ask you to send the report to your other committee member(s) via email. They will have to approve the report as well for you to be done;
      • If your second version of the report is not acceptable, you will have to switch to an "End-of-Semester" graduation (see below). graduation so that you will have enough time to fix the report.

Please do not send your report to your second committee member until I tell you to do so. Please keep in mind that if the report is turned in late or if it requires a considerable amount of changes, you will be asked to switch to an "End-of-Semester" graduation. As a result, it is in your own interest to make sure that you turn in a good quality report, because after all, your MS Final Report is your final exam. To help you with your MS Final Report please find below the checklist that I will use to grade your report, an example of a final report and some writing resources available OSU (I strongly recommend you to take advantage of them).

Note that your committee members might ask you to schedule a meeting with them to give you a feedback on your final report, so until your final report has not been approved by all committee members plan on staying on campus. Providing feedback via email is impossible in most of the cases, so not being able to meet with your committee members might result into you having to switch to an "End-of-Semester" graduation or not being able to graduate that semester if you were already opting for an "End-of-Semester" graduation.


Once your report has been approved by all your committee members, all you have to do is to successfully complete all your coursework to be able to graduate. Note that at any time, you can keep track of the approval status for your MS Final Report in the website​

-> "Graduation & Examination Forms"
-> "Report on Final Examination"
-> "View" -> "View Report on Final Examination"
-> "History Tab"


How to Find the Deadlines

Please check the Deadlines page to find the deadlines specific to each semester. For graduation, please make sure to check the Final Semester Checklist under the "Completing Your Degree" in the Grad School website as well.

Deadlines Meaning

Applications to Graduate Due = Deadline to submit your application to graduate.
Examinations and Reports completed by = Deadline by which you need to:
  • Have your MS Final Report approved (Non-thesis Option)
  • Pass your Final Exam (Thesis Option).
Approved Thesis & Dissertations Submitted and Accepted by = Deadline by which you need to have your Thesis approved (only for Thesis Option).
End-of-Semester Deadline = If you opt for the End-of-Semester, this is the deadline by which you need to:
  • Have your MS Final Report approved (Non-thesis Option);
  • Pass your Final Exam and have your Thesis approved (Thesis Option).

Reduced Course Load – Final Term 

In the last semester, all graduate students are required to be enrolled in at least 3 credits of graduate level courses. International students can apply for "Reduced Course Load - Final Term" to reduce their course load to up to 3 credits in the semester of graduation.


Students who apply to graduate in a given semester and find that they cannot complete degree requirements by the posted deadlines can opt to utilize an option at Ohio State called End-of-Semester.

Students who take this option have until the last business day before the start of the next semester to complete all degree requirements, including defending a dissertation or thesis, submitting the final approved document, and taking care of all related paperwork and fees.

Meeting the End-of-Semester deadline means that a student will officially graduate the following semester and will not have to be enrolled in that semester, nor re-apply to graduate. The student's degree is conferred at the next commencement ceremony, and this is the date of graduation that will appear on the student’s official transcript.