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Internship Credits

Internships strictly related to Electrical and Computer Engineering projects can qualify as MS Final Projects and Individual Study credits can be taken to get credit for them. After you have received an offer from a Company (or you are quite confident you are going to get an offer) :

  1. Schedule a meeting with me to discuss the topic of your Internship and see if it qualifies for Individual Study Credits (ECE 6193) and/or as your MS Final Project. 


  2. If your Internship qualifies for Individual Study Credits, then:
  3. To successfully pass your Individual Study Credits, you will be asked to turn in a Technical Report on the work you did during the Internship by the end of the Semester. A four week extension can be granted if the Internship lasts till the very end of the Semester. In this case an "Incomplete" grade will be assigned at the end of the Semester as a placeholder until the report hasn't been graded.


NOTE that International students are required to obtain a CPT authorization before starting the Internship. Please contact our Office of International Affairs (OIA) for further informations on CPT. Many details can be found in their website.