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Industry Partners

Our goal is to partner with the Industry and Research Labs to provide research and innovation through project-based learning experience. The main goal of the Lab is to provide the new generations of ECE M.S. students with real-world challenging projects that will allow the students the gain some high level hands-on experience while contributing to their research field.

How it works

Industry and Research Lab Partners work with Ohio State ECE to place some of our best and brightest master’s-level students to work on research projects of interest to our partners. 

Industry and Research Lab Partners Win

By partnering with Ohio State, our Industry and Research Labs get to work with intelligent, enthusiastic and creative Ohio State students on research projects that benefit their organizations. Companies may even find some of their best future employees through the program. 

Ohio State Students Win

The students benefit by getting hands-on experience working on real-world, applied research and networking with other professionals working in their fields of interest.


If interested in collaborating with us, please email me at fiorentini.2 at